Multiple Stacked Lenses: Reasons to get Excited

August 9, 2017

If you’ve read our last two news releases, you will have noticed several references to multiple stacked lenses as a geological feature of the R1515W zone. We are pretty excited about this feature and I wanted to take a moment to explain why.

The holes we’ve put into the R1515W this summer have encountered multiple lenses of uranium that are stacked both horizontally and vertically. The only other zone where we’ve encountered this at PLS, is the R780E zone.

The R780E contains the lion’s share of the Triple R deposit, including our ultra-high-grade core. When drilling that zone we found that these multiple stacked lenses not only gave us great width of mineralization, it also gave us high grades.

Unsurprisingly, the hallmark of the R780E during our main exploration push on that zone was rapid growth. In fact, just 200m of the R780E’s strike length contains around 50% of the entire ore body!

While it is admittedly very early on in our drilling at R1515W, the existence of stacked lenses at this shallow, on-land zone is extremely encouraging. Going forward, the R1515W is likely to be a major focus for continued drilling.

For those of you interested in a technical, visual representation, take a look at slide 21 of our corporate presentation, which has two cross sections from the R1515W. You can also see all of our R780E cross sections in the technical section of our website.

Ross McElroy, President, COO and Chief Geologist of Fission Uranium

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