Community Support

As one of the most active exploration companies in the Athabasca Basin, community support and development are important aspects of how Fission operates. Our management and technical team have ties with the local community that stretch back as much as 30 years and Chief Teddy Clark of the Clearwater River Dene Nation is a member of the Fission Uranium Advisory Board. 

Working Together


Fission and the Local Community

Employment: During drilling seasons, we employ a substantial number of local workers and contractors in a variety of areas – from technicians, camp staff and carpenters to drillers, drivers and lumber suppliers.

Educational Programs: Fission sponsors the Mining Rocks Earth Science Program providing First Nations youths with the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of Earth science, as well as the diverse career opportunities within the mining industry

Community Magazines: Fission supports First Nation magazines through advertising and sponsorship

La Loche Community School

A lovely card from the children of La Loche, following a series of donations by Fission to the community school.